a fabricated disbelief :}

may the odds be ever in your favor...
Friend: Hi, how are you feeling today?
Me: I think I've hit an All Time Low.
Friend: Oh my gosh. What's wrong?
Me: Well, The Maine reason is that no one gets my band references.
Friend: Wait what?
Me: Can we go to dinner so I can explain. You. Me. At Six?
Friend: What are you talking about?
Me: Or I guess we could wait for summer... Is The Summer Set?
Friend: What the hell.
Me: I mean, we could go to a parade. Perhaps a Mayday Parade?
Friend: What the fuck is a Mayday Parade.
Me: Goodbye cruel world! Bring Me The Horizon!
Friend: You're so weird.
Me: I guess we're having a Fall Out, Boy.
Friend: I'm a girl.
Me: Yes, and Boys Like Girls.